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Pet Boarding in Canyon Lake, TX

Keep your dogs healthy and in good shape! At Startz Veterinary, we’re happy to provide boarding services. You may be sure that our crew is taking excellent care of your pets.

Pet Grooming & Boarding

Pet Boarding

We are aware that it can be difficult to leave your pet behind when you must travel for business or pleasure. It’s even harder because of the guilt and worry associated with it. No parent ever wants to abandon their child. Imagine, though, if your pet was allowed to travel and live with people who would treat them like their own! The Startz Veterinary staff is here to ensure that your four-legged family members are secure, content, and at ease while they are here.

Your pet will be inspected by a veterinarian upon arrival at Startz Veterinary, where we have a doctor and professional personnel on duty for our boarders. Any medication your pet needs while staying with us can be given by one of our staff members.

Your pet will be walked twice a day or more while staying with us for boarding. In the absence of your request to bring your pet’s own food, we shall feed it Science Diet. A sheepskin bed and a soft blanket will be provided for your pet.

Pet Boarding

Drop-off and pick-up hours are during clinic hours only.

No longer must you be concerned about your pet’s security while you are away on vacation! You can be confident that your pet is content and at ease in our warm environment with our compassionate boarding staff on hand! Included in our boarding service are the following:

  • Indoor runs and cages with air conditioning
  • There are two daily dog walks (more frequently at owner request)
  • Food, plates, and bedding are included.
  • Medicine administration

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